Frame strengthens its presence in China with the launch of WeChat and Weibo channels

Frame has launched a WeChat and Weibo channel to reach out and connect to the Chinese community of interior-design professionals. We have long published innovative and creative work by Chinese designers, and now want to open up even more opportunities for the community to engage with Frame.

Having developed this partnership, which launched mid-June with Shenzhen-based design PR agency Sunshine PR, Frame founder and director Robert Thiemann says: ‘China plays an increasingly important role in innovating spatial design, so it’s a logical step for us to create a stronger bond with its design community. Frame is a platform dedicated to the future of spaces. We believe that meaningful interiors make life better. We are happier and receive health benefits from being in a great, human-centric space. Moreover, well-conceived and technically advanced spaces are better for the planet. Excellent interiors are the result of talented designers working together with visionary clients, and the best makers and suppliers. Therefore it’s our mission to connect these stakeholders through a variety of channels. We are proud to extend our services to WeChat and Weibo.’

Over the past decade, the world has paid increasing attention to Chinese design. Chinese designers create highly original work that combines innovative concepts with cutting-edge aesthetics and forward-looking technology. Therefore Frame wants to follow closely what’s happening in the Chinese interior-design industry, and engage with it. ‘I wish for our Chinese platforms to be not only outlets for the country’s designers but also channels for discussion and networking between designers, clients and makers,’ Thiemann explains. ‘After all, they need to work closely together to make magic happen.’

Header: Love Tea by Jane Ao | Top: Heytea at Xiamen Paragon Center by Bloomdesign. Photo: Hu Jingsen | Bottom: Juun.J by WGNB. Photo: Yongjoon Choi

‘In the context of the information explosion, Chinese readers hope Frame will continue to offer novel perspectives, capture and forecast new trends and breakthroughs,’ Li Hu, founding partner of Open Architecture says. ‘I expect Frame China to make powerful sounds in the era of informational abundance, and make an impact.’

Chinese design firm Neri&Hu states that they ‘hope Frame's new channels will enhance interdisciplinary exchanges in the industry’. ‘We're confident that Frame China will raise the industry standard to a higher level, and provides a holistic, sophisticated and reliable platform to Chinese design community.’

Yang Dongzi, cofounder of Various Associates, purports that ‘the visibility of Chinese designers on the global stage still needs to be enhanced’. ‘We hope Frame China provides more opportunities to feature local design works and offers a channel to enhance the communication between the East and West through in-depth interviews and talks,’ says Dongzi.

Our strengthened partnership with the Chinese interior-design community will grant greater accessibility to Frame’s insight, research and network of innovative creators, makers and clients, as well as the Frame Awards. Follow Frame’s activities on WeChat and Weibo today.

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