Who says fort building's just for kids? Our new co-creation challenge brings design fun home

With clients holding off on commissioning new projects and most construction sites mothballed, there is a scarcity of work for designers on domestic lockdown amidst the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, many are having to adopt a new role: teachers to a generation of children for whom school is out for the foreseeable future. 

So, we thought: why not bring these two groups – under-stimulated kids and under-utilized design talent – together? For many architects and designers, creating forts, dens, castles and hideaways from whatever materials they could forage from around their home was their first taste of spatial design. Unleashing this unhindered sense of imagination is a valuable and rewarding way to unlock creativity no matter the age (and combat a bit of quarantine boredom!).

To fuel that fire, we’ve reached out to architects and designers with young tots at home, challenging them to revisit this early form of practice while recording the creative process, from the first drawings to the final drape of the bedsheet. We’ll share walkthroughs of domestic dens constructed by these masters and their protégés on Frameweb and our social media platforms.

In the video above, our founder and director Robert Thiemann and his daughter Sadie – the helpful, hands-on client – pave the way for forts to come at their home in Amsterdam. Want to join in on the fun with your children? Build your own addition to the #FrameForts challenge, and share the results with us on Instagram! Happy building.

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