At Frame Lab, Nick Verstand presents a meditative experience within an audiovisual installation

AMSTERDAM – Esper, a hypnotic, meditative environment by Studio Nick Verstand in collaboration with Naivi, Boris Acket and Poul Holleman, is only one of the intriguing designs on exhibit at Frame Lab on 21 - 22 February. Part of an inspiring blend of talks, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions, Frame Lab will explore the role of design in our surroundings and its effect on our state of being.

One of the questions Frame Lab seeks to answer is how design can make experiences more personal and tailored to the individual – and Esper is part of a series of works by Nick Verstand that address the human experience. Using materialized laser light and a surround-sound system, the installation investigates perception through audiovisual spatial compositions that create a unique and multisensorial sphere for contemplation.

Aura, a previous work by the studio commissioned by VPRO Medialab, was one of the highlights of Dutch Design Week last year. The Aura installation transforms emotions into immersive ‘curtains’ of light that vary in form, colour and intensity according to the individual’s neurological activity. Developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, the Aura installation is integrated with a system that gathers, analyzes and transforms data of visitors’ internal mental states – influenced by the musical composition – into light.

Esper draws on the audiovisual world of Aura, applying organically modulating light synchronized with atmospheric sound to bring a hypnotic and calming environment to Frame Lab. Grab tickets to Frame Lab and experience Esper alongside other immersive exhibitions on 21 - 22 February.

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