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Music has the power to make or break your work flow. Some prefer an environment so austere that even the faintest classical music can be an interruption. Others grind out their agenda best to a finely curated selection of heavy metal (yes, they exist). Sure, you can always opt for musical autocracy in shared workspaces by simply plugging some earphones in…but there’s something to be said for a collective groove done right. Now that so many, including our team, are working from home due the COVID-19 crisis, we miss that – and we suspect you very well may be too. So we're taking to Spotify

Surprisingly, at Frame’s open-plan office in Amsterdam, there are few playlists met with disapproval. We usually start the day with a mild morning mix on our Sonos system. On days when it’s rainy and grey and we need a little boost, we opt to turn the volume up on upbeat jams. Once, we even ventured into a 12-hour disco playlist. Be it divisive on occasion – of course there are the songs that evoke an impassioned ‘Next, please’ – a killer playlist has the unique ability to unite and create a shared ambiance from the start of the day to its finish (hello, Zoom-ified happy hour). We want to help bring that feeling to our audience.

Our kick-off collection, The Home Office: Early Awakenings, is a selection of at-work favourites from the Frame team. Tune in, and songs from the likes of ShlohmoKelela and Leon Vynehall will help ease you into the day. And new playlists to get you through the day are currently being harvested: no matter what musical camp – or mood – you happen to be in, there’ll be sound for every time and space as our Spotify presence grows. Hit play for instant atmosphere.

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