Frame's DDW Shop explores innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency

EINDHOVEN – At this year’s Dutch Design Week, Frame Publishers will host and curate the official shop located in Eindhoven’s Klokgebouw. The store will stock a vast range of products from local and international designers, as well as designed-focused books and magazines from Frame Publishers. With a focus on contemporary design and innovation, the selected merchandise exhibits such themes as sustainability, energy efficiency and the repurposing of everyday materials.

In the Dutch village of Goirle, the heirs of the historic van Esch manufacturing plant have run a webshop since 2009, curating products from some of the most groundbreaking interior designers. Among their selections for Frame's DDW Shop is a sculptural glass bowl by Mia & Ehlén that uses the intersection of a sphere and ring to create a hovering effect. A tea light holder by Roderick Vos made of powder-coated metal is inspired by the forms of a bonsai tree. Chris Slutter's Bolder repurposes a mooring bollard as both a vase and wine cooler, while two sets of dishtowels by Claire Vos and Alissia Melka-Teichroew take design cues that range from the complexity of multiculturalism to the simplicity of duct tape.

The sleek and understated Vlak 1 desk lamp inaugurates Hague-based industrial designer Gregor van Egdom's new Vlak series, an independent label of lighting products. The lamp's classic, trifold form is crafted almost entirely from a single, 1.6-mm printed circuit board and features a stainless steel dimming knob at its base that modulates between a warm, soothing glow and a bright, daylight white. Though emulating the familiar cosiness of an incandescent light, the Vlak 1 reflects van Egdom's commitment to sustainability that defined previous projects such as his CO2-capturing system, using energy efficient LEDs that form a cumulative luminescence as the user turns the dial clockwise.

Finally, Frame presents the first collection from Amsterdam-based Anno Benk during Dutch Design Week 2016. With the belief that affordability and practicality should never be opposed to sustainability and ethicality, the studio forges its contemporary designs with environmentally-friendly materials through fair production processes, all taking place within European borders. The marble texture of the Paperclock belies its bio-based material, Paperfoam, a synthesis of natural starch and fibers. An aluminium candle holder, taking the shape of a gas burner, provides spacious channels for melting wax so that one can make full use of the candle until it is entirely gone. A bowl inspired by the frames used in 3D renderings combines two metal wire grids that can store fruits and vegetables but also easily functions as a geometric aesthetic object on its own.


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