Freedom Graffiti by Tammam Azzam

In Azzam's last series 'Syrian Museum' a celebration of art superimposes itself on scenes of devastation.

When artwork remindsĀ us pf the power of love and freedom goes viral, it cannot be anything but good news. Such is the case with Freedom Graffiti by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam.

In the piece, the artist has superimposed a reproduction of Klimt's masterpiece The Kiss over an image of a bombarded building in his country, Syria. The image has been broadly circulating across social media. Considering the amount of positive feedback, comments and sharing, the image bears witness to a widespread need for hope and uplifting action, especially because it comes from an area plagued by war.

With his art, Azzam has always dealt with the social and political situation in his country. Freedom Graffiti can be considered as the continuation of his last series, Syrian Museum, shown in December 2012 at Ayyam Gallery in Dubai.

An artist experimenting with different media, in this last body of work Azzam used digital manipulation: some of the most important masterpieces in the history of art have been superimposed onto images of violence and devastation.

While bearing witness to on-going upheaval in Syria, Azzam uses the power of art as a reminder of the highest expressions of human nature. To a cynical eye it may look utopian, but in awakening our hope for love and freedom the work contributes to the belief that a different world is possible, on the condition that we listen to our highest values and act accordingly.

Images courtesy of the artist and Ayyam Gallery.

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