An ice storage in a small Japanese city becomes a gallery for local artists

Fujiyoshida, Japan – Since 2015, Taku Sakaushi architects and O.F.D.A. have been renovating an old Japanese building in Fujiyoshida – a city of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants that lies at the northern base of Mount Fuji – creating an office space and a nursery. This time, they focused on the renovation of the next-door storage space that once was used to hold ice.

After their makeover, the former cold room now serves as an exhibition space for local artists, with galleries and ateliers given priority. The plan was to turn this into a hub for cultural events, as a way to revitalize Fijiyoshida and make it more attractive to private investment.

This tunnel gives you the feeling of walking through the riverbed water of Mount Fuji

The Fujihimuro Gallery – ‘himuro’ means icehouse in Japanese – layout is divided into five areas separated by concrete walls. To move from one into the other, the architects provide visitors with a starfish-shaped tunnel-like passage made out of glass sheets.

‘This tunnel is the visualization of human movement,’ explained Sakaushi. ‘And, at the same time, it gives you the feeling of walking through the riverbed water of Mount Fuji.’

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