Funeral Chapel by Bayer & Strobel Architekten

‘To do justice to its significance within the cemetery complex, the funeral home is clearly marked with a gabled roof,’ says architect Peter Strobel.

FRANKFURT – A small town near Frankfurt provides religious ground for a new funeral chapel which upholds its presence with an assertive pitch.

Made from yellow-grey quarry stone, the design by Bayer & Strobel Architekten's reveals a mixture of private and public features while maintaining a reflective mood throughout. A heavy wall blocks the cemetery from the street, creating a more concealed space for reflection. The double-height funeral chapel sits within the centre of the redesign, emphasized by its symmetry and triangular profile both externally and internally.

A long skylight provides interesting lighting in the chapel, highlighting dropped artificial lights and simple benches below. Glazed walls create a sense of circulation in the space while promoting views to more contemplative green courtyard outside.

The material interplay of glass and heavy stone further infiltrate the spaces with appropriate transitions, leading the bereft through a series of small rooms inside and outside. Changes in level and materials create subtle differences between the burial and more reflective spaces.

It's clear the architects have tried to create spaces which are functional yet while reflecting a spiritual essence. Architect Peter Strobel says it's 'an interior that feels dignified and solemn as well as simple and appropriate for its purpose.'

Photos courtesy of Bayer & Strobel Architekten

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