The space appears to be self-made, like a patchwork of recycled and reused materials.

‘Rather than a recycling exercise, Fuuud is an exercise of reinterpretation,’ say Jordi Canora and Pepe López of Futur2, a Barcelona-based design studio.

For their recent design of Fuuud, a restaurant and bar, they used raw materials that – with a bit of imagination – could be adapted. Lights are made of plastic water bottles, pots and glasses, while vintage door moldings were worked into longitudinal ornamental wall coverings.

Meanwhile, shelving units are made of cardboard, while old chairs have been lined with paper to be reworked into pieces of art. All materials were bought at budget prices from shopping malls or Ikea.

‘The challenge lay in the space’s complex, tubular shape,’ Canora and López say. ‘The budget was also very limited, and we had only one month for construction: August, the general vacation period in Spain.’

Fuuud is located in Sabadell, about 25km outside of Barcelona.

Photos courtesy Adriana Trif.

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