Get the Balance Right by GamFratesi

The installation is located next to the Greenhouse area at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

Design duo, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, are no strangers to the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Featuring as this year’s guest of honour, GamFratesi first exhibited at the Greenhouse area of the fair back in 2007 as fresh-faced emerging designers. Their installation – a series of modular acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling – Get the Balance Right fittingly sits alongside the Greenhouse at the fair.

What does it mean for you to be guest of honour?
Stine Gam: It was very special as Stockholm was our first ever fair. It is really unexpected and quite amazing.

How have things changed since then?
Enrico Fratesi: Now we can spend more time selecting which projects we do and putting more energy into research. Instead of having to produce a lot, we can really focus on quality. The biggest difference now is also the experience we have behind us. We have a lot more knowledge – both material and technical – and we always try to challenge that.

How long was the process of creating the installation?
EF: We started in August last year. Before then – when we had already been officially invited – we were just thinking about the concept. It was quite a long process as, in the end, the panels were comprised of a lot of details. Each detail needed a different supplier so every time we changed a detail we needed another supplier.

Are you planning to put the panels into production?
EF: I think it would be easy to translate them into a product. When we work with an installation, we work in a very industrial way. We are both architects so we naturally create products in a very technical way even if the expression is very gentle. Behind, however, there is a lot of technique which we learn from experimenting in the workshop ourselves.
We wanted to make it modular so that colours can be mixed or you can choose the number of panels. For us, the challenge was to create something really complete for a temporary space.
Get the Balance Right will be on display for the duration of SFF.
Photos courtesy of GamFratesi and Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

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