Giant Jellyfish Tank by Walter Hugo & Zoniel

Installation view of The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living, courtesy of the artists and Gazelli Art House

The 2014 Liverpool Biennial kicks off on 5 July, but two artists have already been creating waves amongst local communities even before the four-month festival begins. As a fringe event of the Biennial, Walter Hugo & Zoniel have installed a large jellyfish tank into the window of a former shop at No. 53 High Park Street in Toxteth. The installation is entitled The Physical Impossibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living. From tomorrow, Gazelli Art House will begin to live stream footage of the installation and project it onto the large glass façade of the gallery, so art lovers in London can also enjoy the awe-inspiring, iridescent sight of these strange creatures gently bobbing through the water. The actual display will be in place until July 26.

The artists said: “We hope that people local to the [Toxteth] area will like having the installation right on their doorstep, within the heart of the community. We placed the work there so that it could be enjoyed outside of a gallery environment while people are just walking down the street, going to the shop or home. The surreal juxtaposition of the jellyfish appearing within this old building is meant as a reflection on the fact that inspiration can happen anywhere at any time, so if anyone finds it inspiring, that would be great but primarily it’s there for people to enjoy.”

With creative interventions like these, who needs aquariums?

Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, London W1S 4NN

Images courtesy of Gazelli Art House and the artists.

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