Glass Office by AIM Architecture

The project stands out by its extensive use of mirrored partitions and glass screens.

SHANGHAI – Much like filmmakers, the Shanghai-based AIM Architecture studio recently revealed a highly cinematic project where reality and fiction seem to have reached an inspiring symbiosis.

Framing ravishing views of Shanghai’s skyline, the showroom commissioned by the largest prime office real-estate developer in China – SOHO China – stands out from any other related corporate proposals by its nearly-excessive use of mirrored partitions, glass screens and bright reflective surfaces.

As the majority of technical equipment remains exposed, the stripped-down office allows customers – who are, for the most part, prospective tenants – to have an accurate overview of the available rental space.

Likely to be disorienting at first, this narrative project suggests a sequential reading of its articulated designed areas. The architects explain the significance of the virtually uninterrupted transparency by its ability to reflect and widely diffuse light throughout the entire showroom.

Whether or not this high-reaching Chinese practice deliberately went off on a slightly more playful tangent, the immaculately-rendered entry corridor seems to be a striking reference to Lisberger’s Tron signature aesthetic, the same way the glass-layered space recalls memorable scenes from sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner.

Through an experimental manipulation of light, space and materials, AIM Architecture managed to produce captivating scenes which lead to confirm how different areas of knowledge may well provide designers with new, creatively-engaging inputs.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Yin

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