Go behind the scenes of Studio Venezia, the Venice Biennale’s recording studio by Xavier Veilhan

VENICE – Can’t physically be at the Venice Biennale? Echoes of the Studio allows music enthusiasts to be there aurally, by immersing them into the creative process of over 70 international musicians playing and recording live from the Venice Biennale's French Pavilion, which Xavier Veilhan turned into Studio Venezia.

The online platform developed by BETC and Deezer in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Veilhan strives to make the usually private space of the studio a public one. Strategically placed microphones record the sounds of each instrument individually, which are in turn streamed live on Echoes of the Studio.

The platform’s interface features a digital landscape of moving silver strips arranged in different structures. Using their cursor, users can play with these assemblages to listen to the sounds being recorded at Studio Venezia.

‘With BETC, we have created a way of replicating the experience of visiting the Pavilion from afar, without usurping the creative itself,’ says Veilhan. With its emphasis on making the musical creative process as transparent and accessible as possible, Echoes of the Studio opens up France’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale to a global audience, while adding another dimension to live streaming.







Leaderboard: Architonic
Leaderboard: Architonic

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