Göbl Architektur installs a self-sufficient power source for electric vehicles

Tower of Power by Göbl Architektur. Photos Bruno Klomfar

VIENNA – The Tower of Power is a direct consequence of contemporary society’s increased interest in electric vehicles. Local studio Göbl Architektur’s design focusses on two of architecture’s most traditional forms: the roof and the tower. The entire steel-framed structure is clad with blue, aluminium panels.

The 12-m-high tower features a wind turbine, while the roof – as well as providing protection and lighting – accommodates 130 sq-m of photovoltaic panels which give the structure its saw-toothed edge. Together, the two elements comprise the technical components required to generate enough electricity to simultaneously charge four cars and four e-bikes. Any surplus energy is fed to the city’s power grid.

The tower is the result of a collaboration with the vocational training centre (BAZ), which provides education and apprenticeships within the construction and engineering sectors at the BFI Vienna. The project investigates ‘the current progress of energy efficiency, the development of alternative production of energy, the wish not to support climate change and the increasing use of electric vehicles,’ says the architect. ‘These elements require skilled employees and specialists in the field, which the institution is going to train and educate. The course participants are able to gain parts of their knowledge by building, running and maintaining the tower.’

Long Section / Cross Section

Location Innstrasse 27–29, Vienna, Austria

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