Google Engineering HQ

Staff are invited to kick off their shoes and lounge in unconventional meeting rooms.

Fresh thinking and creativity should come easily for Google Engineering employees at their revamped London offices.

Complete with game rooms, music studios, a park, coffee lab, flight pods, lounges, kitchens and auditorium, the spaces are clever and functional.

Most walls are covered with magnetic white board laminates, which invites people to scribble ideas nearly everywhere. Certain areas cater to large groups, where staff are invited to kick off their shoes and lounge on comfortable couches and chairs.

Meanwhile, small pods are perfect for two. They cut noise levels for those sitting inside while offering a sense of privacy.
The offices are located on Buckingham Palace Road in London. This was PENSON’s first realization for Google; they are scheduled to complete two more at Central Saint Giles and Belgrave House in the near future.

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