Granny F. Salon by Hiroyuki Miyake

Tinted bricks are arranged in a colour gradient, to mimic the setting sun.

A beauty salon in Aichi, Japan, is its designer’s idea of an ‘alternative nostalgia.’

Hiroyuki Miyake
says the project involved renovating an existing uninhabited building. While he had never been to the space before, he immediately felt a sense of nostalgia upon entering the first time.

A patterned brick exterior works to reflect this idea, incorporating elements of traditional British masonry. ‘The exterior wall expresses a coexistence of tradition and modernity between the gradation brick pattern and their rich gloss finish,’ Miyake says.

Inside similar brickwork is repeated again, forming an artistic backdrop for salon clients. Sinks are located along an outer edge, while interior sections house cutting stations. Hanging light bulbs are hung symmetrically throughout, adding an industrial edge.
Photographs courtesy Rikoh Adachi.

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