Grid(h)ome Pavilion

The artificial landscape offers infinite possibilities of assembly and extension.

ROME – In Rome, a modular grid forms the shell of a chestnut wood pavilion that can adapt to any space.

The project was created during Eco_Logic Habitat, a construction workshop held for students at the Casa dell’Architettura this past autumn. It’s director, Paolo Cascone, says he wanted to create a virtual bridge between parametric design, low-tech and ecological constructions. These goals were materialized in the undulating pavilion.

‘The workshop, involving both students and tutors, represented a great opportunity to speculate on wood as a “living material” and grid as a performative material system,’ Cascone says.

The curved structure is made of polycarbonate triangular panels laid out according to solar exposure. The resulting artificial landscape offers infinite possibilities of assembly and extension; as a tridimensional abstract net it can change its shape and curvature adapting to any kind of spatiality.

The workshop was led by Cascone, Sofia Colabella (Unina), Bianca Parente Unina), Sergio Pone (Unina), Stephane Tapsoba (COdesignLab). It was sponsored by Selve del Balzo and organized by the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura. It was technically supported by B. D’Amico, A. Fiore, D. Lancia and I. Lupica.

Photos courtesy of Ileana Lupica

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