Haegue Yang’s symphony of blinds rises through the vast foyer of Paris’s Centre Pompidou

PARIS – To celebrate France-Korea Year 2015-2016, the Centre Pompidou in Paris invited South Korean artist Haegue Yang to make a site-specific installation to be shown in the Forum, which doubles as foyer and exhibition area. Her piece, Lingering Nous, extended over three floors, occupying the central part of the space.

Born in Seoul in 1971, Haegue Yang employed ordinary Venetian blinds, a staple in her work since 2006, for the monumental abstract composition. Liberating the blinds from their original function, she elevated the ready-mades to reveal their aesthetic quality. While some of the blinds hung all the way down, others opened midway, spanning out like fans. The resulting rhythmic sensation evoked an orchestral melody inaudibly filling the space.

Yang’s work cleverly reflected on the architecture of the Centre Pompidou. The flattened cones that she created contrasted with the building’s strict linearity. Similarly, Yang chose delicate pastels – pearlized pinks and greens – that complemented the Centre Pompidou’s primary colours. The two LED chandeliers that illuminated her installation resonated with cabling visible on the ceiling.

Commenting on Yang’s contribution prior to its installation, curator Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov said, ‘The artist has proposed a piece that doesn’t seek to enter into competition with the space but to dialogue with it.’ Experienced within the context of France-Korea Year, Lingering Nous expressed a wish for cultural harmony.

Photos Florian Kleinefenn, courtesy of Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris


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