Hermès collaborates with a school for the first time

GENEVA – Under the direction of Alexandra Midal and Felipe Ribon, master’s students from HEAD Genève’s Space and Communication programme devised a comprehensive project for Petit h, the branch of Hermès dedicated to reincarnating leftover materials. The team designed everything from invitations to the window displays and set design, adopting a filmic approach in which Petit h objects become actors onstage.

Playing with optical illusions and false persectives, window displays that seem deeper than they are deceive passers-by. Housed within a 16:9 film format, Petit h products – the protagonists of the production – are in the spotlight.

Inside, the set design recalls a special-effects studio. The environment simulates a metaphorical blue screen, while the real-life technology is employed in the hallway. Here, visitors are filmed and displayed simulatenously on-screen. The result becomes a mirror in which clients can see themselves wearing scarves and jewellery.



Photos Michel Giesbrecht and Baptiste Coulon

Location Hermès Boutique, 39 rue du Rhône, Geneva

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