Hollein exhibition in Vienna

Hollein pursued a progressive approach which defined architecture as a crucial component of social processes.

The Viennese Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) is collaborating with the Museum Abteiberg of Mönchengladbach, Germany to explore new perspectives on the multifaceted works of Hans Hollein. The Viennese architect helped usher in postmodern architecture in the 1970s and remains the only Austrian to win the Pritzker Prize. The exhibition will show a wide range of materials from Hollein’s archive, which will be made public for the first time. A walk-in archive will deepen the visitors’ insights into his thought and work processes.

Contemporary artists Aglaia Konrad and Armin Linke will provide a modern take on Hollein’s architectural projects by photographing and showing selected rooms and buildings in a new light, complementing the original works. In accordance with Hans Hollein’s own line of thought, the collection does not divide the work into the categories but rather contextualizes his complex work on the basis of his extensive process material.

To mark Hollein’s 80th birthday, the exhibition serves as a homage to the former architect and mainly focuses on his pioneering role in the field of museum architecture.

The exposition will run from 25 June through 5 October 2014, at the MAK in Vienna.


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