Tracey Neuls, a shoe designer and Nicola Yeoman, an interior stylist have teamed up to create a large-scale installation for the London Design Festival. The pair took inspiration from their youth, creating a table that explodes into a series of objects relating to the duo’s lives. ‘I remember draping sheets over tables and chairs,’ recalls Neuls. ‘Creating a secure hideaway dotted with trinkets and treasures.’ Together with Yeoman the designer recreated a sense of childhood innocence by using familiar objects such as buttons and matchboxes to make an imaginative pattern on the shop’s floor. Perspectives are shifted as a large white table seems to liftoff from the floor and a group of shoes burst through a hole in the ceiling. In the midst of the emotive explosions, Neuls’ latest shoe collection is presented as part of the installation. The London Design Festival will be held from 18 until 26 September, 2010.

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