Hood by Form Us With Love for ateljé Lyktan

Hood is a sheltering lamp that creates both room and light.

Earlier this year, Form Us With Love launched their Hood Modular Pendant for ateljé Lyktan. This flexible pendant lamp is voluminous and is meant to give more shelter in open areas.

But Hood is much more than just a modular pendant lamp. The designers describe it as ‘a piece of furniture - the size and material has an interesting effect on the atmosphere, making the piece feel like so much more than just a pendant lamp.’

Hood can be made to fit smaller and larger tables. The light is concentrated on specific areas like work-, conference- or dining tables. The idea for it was born three years ago. According to the designers, ‘in Scandinavia, most offices are too bare and you only have your laptop screen as your protective shield. Hood is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, letting you keep the landscape view.’

All images by Jonas Lindström.

Video by Per Jörnlöv.


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