Horticultural Spa by Loop.pH

A pop-up greenhouse appeared on the Thames River Path in Nine Elms, London.

Studio Loop.pH showcased a pop-up greenhouse on the Thames River Path in Nine Elms as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Visitors could not only sit and relax inside the contained environment created by the London-based designer duo, but they could also meet while sharing a tranquil bath, experiences usually associated with the private sphere.

A reinterpreted tea ceremony took place inside the transient dome, which was formed with steel and enclosed with a transparent PVC membrane. Accessed through a slit in the plastic envelope, the structure was surrounded by an arched grid of birch plywood.

Replaced by scented vapour, water represented the essence of the installation. Both humans and plants absorbed diverse fragrances that were time-released inside the bubble as a sort of daily menu of aromatic mists. The installation represents a public engagement initiative concerning the future of water, whose shortage impacts all of us.

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