House For A Nomad Collector

The piece can travel from fair to fair, exhibiting collectable items inside it.

Like a small house on wheels, a unqiue trailer is the essence of ‘gypsy chic’ design.

House For A Nomad Collector was commissioned by collector Ernst Hunter, who wanted a space to display and categorize his findings.

Hunter says he sought a solution where items could be listed with their names, ensuring they aren’t lost or forgotten. ‘That’s why I decided to have my small collection in sight and I ordered this project: a house with to travel with, to search, to see, to buy, to keep and share my things,’ Hunter says.

The project ‘doesn’t adapt to any exact place, but fits well in any place,’ explain designers Martín Lejarraga and Ana Martínez of the 7-sq-m trailer.

The project was exhibited at the Arco exposition in Madrid last year.

Photos courtesy David Frutos.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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