House in Nanakuma by MOVEDESIGN

The house has a reinforced concrete basement and a wooden frame on the other two floors.

FUKUOKA – MOVEDESIGN recently completed House in Nanakuma in Fukuoka, Japan.

The triple-storey house was designed for a family of three, from three generations.

It is designed around a double-height bookcase and steel staircase. ‘The role of this large staircase is to connect three layers’ the architects say. It is a connective thread throughout the house, uniting different rooms and levels as well as the family.

There is a total environment in the house – floors, walls, ceilings, shelves and furniture – are all made of wood. Only the steel of the staircase breaks the uniformity. Colour and texture in the house comes almost exclusively from the books, magazines and other items on the bookcase.

Skylights, windows and light wood combine to fill the interior with light. That combined with the double-height floors give the illusion of a spacious interior.

Japanese rooms and other architectural elements like washitsu and shōji are integrated into the ‘western style’ house. This connects contemporary and traditional lifestyles, and reflects the multi-generational family.

Photos courtesy of Yousuke Harigane of Techni Staff

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