House of Cedar by Suga Atelier

Structural elements of the two-storey house are left open, on show.

OSAKA – Raw wooden planks and structural beams are on display at a house in Osaka, Japan.

‘We developed a new structural system which uses an old technique with a wooden frame and steel bolts to make a free and warm inner space,’ says architect Shotaro Suga of Suga Atelier.

The interior is filled with vertical beams, which resemble trees growing in their natural habitat. Suga says while wood is typically used for aesthetic finishes or structural aspects, it’s rarely left in its most natural form once used for construction.

‘We use many small pieces of simple woods and weave them together to make a
free and pleasing space with continuous surroundings,’ Suga says. ‘We can live in a better way with trees.’

Photos courtesy of Yuko Tada

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