How Art Deco furniture will save the world

Kaunas, Lithuania – In the geographical centre of Europe, an ambitious, fast growing company is doing a whole lot of good. Fitsout is expanding – not only in scale – but also in its ideas, capability, facilities and social impact.

Providing spatial solutions for hotels, retail and public spaces with bespoke furniture and millwork, Fitsout is making new moves into the product market, unveiling the first of many furniture lines. All thanks to its state-of-the-art production factory opening later this year in Kaunas, Lithuania.

A contemporary interpretation of Art Deco manifests in the design of its first line. Craftsmanship is at the forefront as sophisticated materials are embellished with contrasting geometric details, showcasing the technical precision on offer. The technology behind the exclusive collection is ‘unmatched’, claims Fitsout director of business development Arune Dziugeliene.

Meanwhile, the company is designing for social good: plans are underway to build a design centre, an educational environment for the next generation of young professionals to gain experience, develop and showcase their ideas. Fitsout also aims to put Kaunas on the world map for manufacturing and design, projecting over 800 jobs created by 2022.

‘We are full of ideas,’ CEO Jonas Stragis says enthusiastically about the direction of the company. ‘We want to provide value to our clients while developing the furniture production industry in Lithuania and educating students and young professionals looking to broaden their skillsets.’ When societal considerations become the driver for design, a furniture collection can change the world.

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