Iceoff’s design for a Moscow workspace is layered with textures, styles and a touch of eccentricity

MOSCOW – Iceoff was thrown a particularly juicy creative bone for the commission of Proekt’s Moscow workplace: don’t make it look anything like an office, more like a highly-eccentric apartment that might turn up as a listing on the real-estate agency’s books. Set workplaces and anything remotely stereotypical were a no-no, it was more important to dazzle clients and prospective employees – confuse them even – while making existing staff feel proud to work there.


Iceoff’s solution was to imagine what the home of idiosyncratic film director David Lynch might look like. While the black-and-white Tangletree wallpaper that lines the principle work area might be more familiar to fans of TV show Sherlock rather than Twin Peaks, it does set the tone for a highly-individual, twisted interior. Aesthetics, colours and materials mix and match in a psychedelic reel where the original 100-year-old masonry of the building faces off against sleek, bright pink shelving units. The liberal use of mirrors completes the disorienting effect. However, despite all appearances to the contrary, lurking beneath all the is a highly-efficient workplace.

Thanks to their mobile chairs, in one smooth motion, staff members can flip between worktables – the size and elliptical shape of the which allows staff to work together or alone depending on their needs. The seats’ acoustic hoods offer the chance of retreating further into complete solitude if necessary, thus creating a zone of inner peace for each employee amongst all the design fireworks.

Photos Roman Krikheli.


This project can be found in The Other Office 2. Any designers out there who have realised any great workplace stands recently which could be considered for the next edition in this inspiring book series, please get in touch:

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