IceShifts Series

'Pharos' at Ottawa's Winterlude Festival 2012. The figures represent the history of the winter carnival, dancing under moonlight.

For her series IceShifts, environmental artist Nicole Dextras freezes garments into blocks of ice, creating installations and photographic reproductions.

Dextras' art refers to nature and the environment. One of her main series consists of three-dimensional words made of ice or living plants, put in the urban or natural landscape. She links the projects to the seasons; ice corresponds to winter and the plants to summer.

IceShifts is a wintertime project that deals with the garment and nature. The idea originated from a photographic study of clothes and fabrics suspended in water.

Dextras froze dresses and garments into big blocks of ice. The result is beautifully delicate, thanks to the transparencies and play of lights passing through the iced fabrics. Although frozen, the figures have a mobile quality, as if they were gently dancing.

From May to September, 2012, Dextras' photographs from IceShifts and Weedrobes series will be exhibited at McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg (Canada).

Images courtesy of the artist.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection
10365 Islington Avenue
L0J 1C0
Ontario, Canada

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