Immersive exhibition by Tokyo's teamLab blends realities

LONDON – A waterfall cascades from the walls, escaping across the floor and ‘washing’ serenely over your feet; butterflies ‘break free’ from their frames into the air and into other artworks; flowers ‘bloom’ from the body.

These are some of the experiences in store at teamLab: Transcending Boundaries, an exhibition of six works by interdisciplinary ‘ultra-technologists’ where the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between artworks, exhibition space and viewer are disrupted.

The exhibition here is teamLab’s latest in a series of interactive art installations around the world, from the Singapore Biennale, Expo Milano, to Maison&Objet Paris. Housed in three rooms of the Pace Gallery from 25 January to 11 March, each of the immersive installations are at the intersection of nature, technology, art and design.

Room one houses the blockbuster exhibit Universe of Water Particles, where a mesmerizing virtual waterfall extends beyond the gallery walls and the floor, flowing freely through the space and onto the feet of the viewer.

Dark Waves (2016) is centre of attention in room two – an uncanny depiction of ocean waves, painstakingly based on the behaviour of hundreds of thousands of water particles. The hyper-real graphics lend the illusion of three-dimensional form within a 2D screen.

In the final room, Flowers Bloom on People (2017) activates a series of floral projections directly onto the viewer, responding directly to the movement of the viewer/agent as they traverse the space. The body becomes a canvas for the cycle of growth, blossoming and decay.

All three rooms engage the concept of ‘ultra-subjective space’, a principle central to teamLab’s practice and a direct reference to the non-perspectival depiction of space in premodern Japanese art, where the viewer is situated directly within the realm of the artwork. ‘We see technology primarily as a tool for expression, not as the objective of our work,’ says Toshiyuki Inoko, head of teamLab.

The exhibition is an acknowledgement of our increasingly layered ‘post-real’ reality, where our tactile experiences meet – and often blend – indistinguishably with our digital reality. In this context, Transcending Boundaries turns the experience of digital art into a sensorial one, where the content is no longer restrained by frames. 

Transcending Boundaries will be on exhibit at the Pace Gallery in London from 25 January to 11 March 2017.

Location 6 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3ET, UK

For more interactive digital installations by teamLab, pick up Frame #114 (available now). Also, read about the studio's projects in our event design book Happening 2 (find out more here).


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