In Wool We Trust

"Metamorphosis", ECAL/Seraina Lareida

Students of ECAL Master Product Design celebrate the qualities of merino wool at Design Basel/Miami, which took place alongside the Art Basel fair last weekend. All of their projects came together in an exhibition that explores the material in its many forms. The event was a result of a workshop overseen by designers Ronan Bouroullec and Camille Blin – the latter a graduate of the school himself – and was sponsored by textile fibre brand the Woolmark Company and Swiss snow sports brand Mover. Sharing the philosophy of the Swiss brand, In Wool We Trust showcases projects which examine the processes behind wool in diverse ways.

Student Seraina Lareida merges the raw with the refined in Metamorphosis. Three different states of the material have been attached to each other and painted to achieve a gradient. The tapestry evokes the story of the material’s process from sheep shorn wool to finished fabric.

Föhn by Dominic Schlögel is a work which plays with the idea of lightness. Schlögel uses a minimalistic construction to draw attention to the flowing and floating woollen thread.

Two woolen threads whir through Vincent Dechelette’s Comet installation to form a type of weaving process. Attached to a pair of engines, the filaments form two colorful layers as they pass through the mechanisms at different speeds.

Carolien Niebling took a machine used for spinning cotton candy and instead filled it with virgin wool. The Woolcandy machine then produced a unique giveaway to the visitors of the event.

Japanese student Takafumi Nemoto created a miniature snow storm by placing wool strands in a water-filled centrifuge. By projecting light behind the process, it generated a shadow skier which moved through the storm. The dynamic installation is accompanied by a sound creation by Yasuharu Okochi.

The industrial filament-making process has been magnified in Charlotte Baverel’s installation Threaded. The 6-metre high installation shows how the wool is spun at the bottom and unwinds at the top, demonstrating the beauty in the physical process of spinning.

All installations will be on show during the Wool Week at Bikini Berlin, which runs from 20 until 25 October.

Photos ECAL/Axel Crettenand

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