The project was eight years in the making; the first prototype was designed and created by Studio Dega in 2003. The industrial production started in 2009 and it was finally realized and used at Euroshop 2011. Designer Boris Demin says the design consists of four triangular modules consisting of aluminium extrusions and steel connectors. The surface uses light-diffusing modular flexible textiles, and LED magnetic strips below can tint the colour of the display. According to Demin, ‘The system aims to create various lit biomorphic constructions similar to a water shape, air movement or a flying bird.’ Demin says he was inspired by the AUDI stand at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 1999, where Ingenhoven Overdiek and Werner Sobek created a curvilinear construction (though it was not an exhibition system). ‘Our goal was to create exhibition system with the minimum number of element types and with the maximum quantity of possible biomorphic shapes,’ Demin says. Demin is the founder and head designer of Studio Dega, a company that specializes in designing and constructing exhibition stands.

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