Ink Associates and Random Studio unite technology and community for Nike stores

AMSTERDAM – Creating a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, Ink Associates and Random Studio designed a range of immersive installations for the launch of the next-generation Nike Free Outsole. As younger brands such as Under Armour gain momentum, competition within the world of sportswear is fiercer than ever. To try and stay ahead of the game, Nike remains true to its core identity by focusing on innovation and community spirit.

Attempting to diminish the common perception that technology divides, the designers implemented high-tech devices as social tools. Touch-responsive screens alongside an interactive projection simulate the flexibility of Auxetic technology, encouraging users to work together and engage in a hands-on, tactile experience. Employees are provided with iPads using the same visual technology as the digital fabric. 

Photos Mark Prendergast & Philip Schütte for Random Studio

Ink Associates & Random Studio

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