Inout Chair by Bucca

Like a puzzle, many separate pieces were combined to make a visually homogenous chair.

Inspired by puzzles, Burcu Aloglu and Can Ozbayram’s latest design combines different pieces into a visually homogenous chair. Playing on our visual perception, hollow leg structures frame both the seat and back-rest. With a contrast of sharp angles and smooth forms, the chair appears to float.

Not veering too far from standard proportions, Bucca began by sketching ergonomic forms. For them, it was important that someone could sit for a long time and so the chair’s width was expanded. By translating a 2D chair contour, the duo discovered that two supporting side structure could hold both a seat and back-rest. With a hot press technique, malleable beech wood was bent into smooth forms, conducive to the human body. Creating a visually illusion, the tops and bottoms of each element were left sharp. With slight adjustments to the first prototypes and the decision to use walnut lacquer, production commenced.

The Inout chair is a perfect example of Bucca’s commitment to pure, clear and fearless design. ‘Inout mirrors our thought process,’ explains Can Ozbayram. ‘The idea of using multiple pieces to create simplicity and emptiness in design without causing chaos can be seen in all of our work.’

Photos Murat Bayraktaroglu

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