International Garden Festival

International Garden Festival captures the latest in landscape architecture.

Keeping the dialogue between conservation and innovation fresh, many Canadian institutions come together to host the annual International Garden Festival. From a pool of almost 300 submissions, a jury – composed of government officials, professionals and past winners – selects six winning landscape-design concepts. During this summer, these cutting-edge interventions will adorn the dramatic Reford Gardens – set along Quebec’s St. Lawrence river.

Hailing from the United States, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea and Canada – six finalist have devised a wide variety of schemes that address contemporary issues. Afterburn by Brooklyn-based architecture firm Civilian Projects is a post-apocalyptic experience, revealing how damaged nature can regenerate itself. Both Cone Garden by Seoul-based Livescapes and Line Garden by Basel-based Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster employ synthetic agents – orange traffic cones and security tape respectively – to change our perception of constructed and de-constructed nature.

Méristème by Montreal-based design firm Châssi represents plant cell systems on a macro scale while Santiago de Compostel-based Citylaboratory’s Rotunda accumulates pollen – attracting new life into the garden. Last but not least, Orange Secret by Nomad Studio – New York-based agriculture engineers and landscape architects – plays with sensorial experience. An orange enclosure tests the resolve of passers-by.   

International Garden Festival is on view from 31 May to 28 September at                   Reford Garden – 200 Route 132, Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada

Images courtesy of Reford Gardens

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