Into the Shadow by NIO Architecten

The project explores the aesthetic potential of forsaken urban territories.

AMSTERDAM – Rotterdam-based NIO Architecten, an architecture practice with a scope of work over recent years that illustrates its commitment to explore the potential of transient and forsaken urban territories, recently completed a project refocusing the public’s attention on the aesthetic values of a covered passageway in Amsterdam’s Watergraafsmeer neighbourhood, transforming it into a spatially and functionally attractive infrastructure.

The 40-m-long tunnel was complemented with an immersive light installation that grants pedestrians a front row seat to captivating wildlife scenes. Depicting a variety of animals in movement, the structure’s retaining walls feature ravishing white LED light strips protected with a vandal-resistant tempered frosted glass screen, printed with a reed-like pattern.

The dynamic narratives are revealed by controlling only an array of the 12,000 fixtures comprising the lighting system, operable 24 hours a day. The installation appears to be actually engaging in some sort of augmented storytelling as the moving images enable the passers-by to immerse themselves in a real-time multimedia urban safari.

Photos courtesy of NIO Architecten




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