The ‘Ranca’ stool can be used indoors or outside and is made of powder coated steel rods

Taipei-based designer Kenyon Yeh founded his own design studio in 2010, with the goal of birthing products with their own unique sense of personality and identity. 
What was your first project?
My first project was the UNIKEA collection that I did for my postgraduate final project in 2009. The UNIKEA project lead me to establish Kenyon Yeh Design Studio, plus my first collaboration with manufacturer Seletti and so on.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspiration comes from everywhere; I can’t tell exactly how it works, as it comes suddenly and in response I create and develop a new project or solve a problem. Inspiration can be from any object, material, manufacturing technique or craftsmanship. Being imaginative is so important for me.

What's your design process?
When I have an inspiration, the first thing I do is sketch to understand the possibilities and do some prototyping. Then the hardest part is finalizing the design before it becomes a product.
What are you planning to work on next?
In 2012 I will launch the Kenyon Yeh Studio collection, a new project collaboration with Cooima that will be released very soon. 
City of Residence Taipei, Taiwan
Age 29
Education I did my undergraduate in Industrial Design in Taiwan; afterwards I received my Master degree in Product Design at Kingston University, London
Motto Never stop the creativity
Favourite quote ‘A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it’ – Brenda Laurel
Best advice received If you have a nice project, make it happen. That’s what design is all about
Best tip for designers Never think once but think twice because it will give you a better result
Three things every designer needs Patience, creativity and the ability to make something happen
Newest addition to your studio Just moved to a bigger space, so it’s ready to be filled up with more projects
First design that inspired you The UNIKEA collection trained me how to use my creativity and imagination

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