‘Seven piece mirror’ was inspired by a Chinese tangram.

Based in Hong Kong, Boris Design Studio was founded in 2009 by Swedes Anna Karlsson and Katarina Ivarsson.

What was your first project?
An LED series developed for hotels called the Light Shades. The concept was built around the notion of a classic pendant and then layered with the possibilities of LED technology. The shade is the light.
Where does your inspiration come from?
People and places and the stories behind them. How about the woman down the street who hand makes kung-fu shoes based on years of inherited tradition, or the taxi driver who actually is a millionaire and just drives taxi to socialize. It only happens in Hong Kong!
What's your design process?
We like to explore our ideas through quick and dirty prototyping. Some card board and a glue gun can take you far!
What are you planning to work on next?
A glamorous and extravagant boudoir collection with the twist of being totally sustainable. Indulgence without the headache!

City of residence Hong Kong since a few years, but born and raised in Sweden
Age 29 (Anna) and 30 (Katarina)
Education Anna Karlsson: Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden; Katarina Ivarsson: IKDC, Lund, Sweden and School of Design, Hong Kong
Motto It IS possible! (Works best if repeated 50 times to a conservative supplier - you will see there are ways to do it)
Favourite quote ‘Re do, do right’ - Unknown
Best advice received Business is personal, trust your instincts. If a collaboration feels right it is most likely a good idea to go ahead; if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t
Best tip for designers Just do it!
Three things every designer needs Determination, humor and a glue gun
Newest addition to your studio A 3D printer
First design that inspired you Tricky one. It is really the problem solving process that triggers the curiosity most

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