Introducing: Amanda Marie

In March 2013, 'Skinny Dippers' was created as an urban artwork in Brooklyn.

Introducing American artist Amanda Marie, who recently showed her artworks at SCOPE Basel. Primarily a painter and stencillist, Amanda Marie creates small works on paper and larger works on canvas for indoor exhibition, as well as large-scale murals for outdoor and urban settings. Nostalgic storybook imagery straddle a line between comforting and spooky.

What was your first project?
My first outdoor project was with the Denver Botanic Gardens. I did a series of wooden panels that were placed throughout the gardens. It was the first time I saw my work snuggled into nature.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspired by lots, from traditional Golden Book era illustration, to the humbling talent of other contemporary painters...street or otherwise.

What’s your artistic process?
I use spray paint, stencils, sewing patterns, acrylic, screen printing and gel transfers...combos differ and applications shift, but that's my stuff I use right now. ;)

How do you choose the locations for the installations?
For the most part people either hire or invite me to paint the big outdoor projects. I did a skateboard park in Colorado that I really really like, but the focus was so much different than my regular stuff. The skaters love it though...skaters are real cool, so that makes me feel proper.

Did you have a favourite project that you already did in a city?
Several, 'Gravity Kids' at White Walls in San Francisco in January was probably one of my most favourite recent things. I love the new Made Creative wall 'Imaginary Girls' in Amsterdam. I was also really happy with a little piece I just made along HW1 in California travelling up the coast and 'Skinny Dippers' in Brooklyn this March. My large 'Milk Girls' mural in my hometown in Colorado has probably got the most attention.  

What are you planning to work on next?
Doing a project for Converse right now, then the next big things are London in October for the fairs and shows, Miami in December, and then I have White Walls solo show in January 2014 in San Francisco, and CAVE Gallery in California two-person show in April with Hyland Mather (of Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam).

City of Residence
Greeley, Colorado
Age 31
Education Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Motto 'The end'
Favourite quote 'I'm living in the 21st century, doing something mean to it'
Best advice received Got to be friendly to be friended
Best tip for artists Promise to be brave and true
Three things every artist needs Vision, talent, belief
Newest addition to your studio My rocking chair is the best part of my studio.
First artist that inspired you Tex Avery


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