Introducing: Cas Moor

Tjirp´s bird-inspired shape functions perfectly as a doorstop.

For Ghent-based Cas Moor, design is good when stripped down to its bare-bones, leaving essentials intact. Meticulously exploring material and contemporary social themes, the Belgian designer always employs a pure minimalist aesthetic. With a bachelors degree in Interior architecture from KASK Ghent, Moor is currently obtaining a masters in multimedia design. This by no way means he isn’t already pursuing a career in furniture design. We spoke to Moor about his fledgling practice, inspirations, and three distinct projects: Social Bench, Trial & Error and Tjirp.

Social Bench seems to play with how people converse in public space. What inspired you to develop a two-sided bench?

Cas Moor: I’ve always been intrigued by nature, cities, and social issues. Research and experimentation inspire me the most but I never know where outcomes or materials will take me. Based on personal experience, I noticed that traditional benches force everyone to sit and look in the same direction. I decided to alter these sitting positions. With Social Bench, people can finally address and look at each other.

When developing a new design project like Trail & Error, do you begin with a concept or material research?

Trial & Error was a collaboration with Bram Vanderbeke. Trying to find an interesting combination of concrete with other material, we wanted to achieve something both aesthetic and practical. Analyzing how brick, epoxy, ink, paint, plastic resin, wax and woodchips behave, we eventually developed a stool collection.

What was the production process behind Tjirp, a solid oak doorstop in the form of a bird?

Sitting in the park one day, I began sketching the silhouette of a long-tailed bird. I realised that its  shape could translate perfectly as a doorstop. After testing different prototypes, I found  the right form with small added details. A thin cut in Tjirp’s tail represents feathers but also allows for better compression when placed under a door.

Your aim is to create pure and functional design. What are your future aspirations?

Currently, I am working on a few new projects: stools, a valet chair and trestle. My dream is to have a studio, where I can design and experiment every day. For the moment, I am happy to keep my mind open and discover new material combinations. As a young designer, I'm not necessarily searching for a recognizable style just yet.

City of Residence: Ghent, Belgium

Age: 22

Education: KASK Ghent

Motto: Do what you love.

Best advice received: Don't be afraid to fail.

Best tips for designers: Do your own thing, never let the designs of others guide you.

Three things every designer needs: An urge to improve, curiosity and dedication.

Newest addition to your studio:  Makita 18V power drill

First design that inspired you: Thonet’s Chair Nr. 14

Photos Cas Moor

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