Introducing: designer Greta Nordin

Touching Memories is Nordin's graduation project from Beckmans College of Design. Photo Martin Skoog

Recently graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Greta Nordin adds a dimension of tactility which attracts users to interact with her designs. Nordin's backgrounds in illustration, graphic design and product design contributes to her tactile pieces, which visibly transition between the fields.

What was your first project?

My first furniture project was a stool with a seat that can be slide to reveal a secret hiding place. Now I have it in my home keeping important papers in it.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I take inspiration from different places. Nature and it's organic shapes, materials and it's different qualities. I also like to read and take inspiration from theory. Lately I've been inspired by a movement called emotional design and the so-called 'turn to things'. This theory, in which materia and objects has inherent qualities and is not seen as symbol inspired me to work with the relationship between object and human. The possibility to make objects which creates a bond to the user in different ways, by interaction, material and memory.

What’s your design process?
First, I try to form a concept, a kind of theoretical basis from where I can start and return to during the process. Then I try to figure out how to realize the project, begin working with different materials and make a lot of sketches and dummys. Then the hardest part, the decision making...

Touching Memories: what is it about?
Touching Memories is my exam project for Beckmans College of Design. With the aid of childhood memories coupled with tactility, I created objects that are meant to be felt; objects which can awaken recognition, an association or an intuitive desire to touch. In this way, I want the object to create a relationship with its user, and for them to interact. Through tactility, movement and play I hope that the objects can come alive. Touching Memories is a series of two tables. Table one is a coffee table with an adjustable front of beads. It can be a hiding place, a storing place or just present the possibility of interacting. For Table two, a sideboard with over five hundred beads can be moved up and down. It's a playful table which turns the user into a child. For others, it may be a table for meditation.

What are you planning to work on next?
I'm planning to freelance as a product and furniture designer, and to start up a studio.

City of residence Stockholm
Age 29
Education Beckmans College of Design, BA in Fine Arts, Product Design
Collaborations I work a lot together with my boyfriend Mattias Sillén
Motto Why? Because it's fun!
Favourite quote 'Everything you can imagine is real'
Best advice received 'Fake it till you make it'
Best tip for designers Make such a good concept that you can apply it to any object you want!
Three things every designer needs Persistence, skills and ability to see things from different perspectives
Newest addition to your studio A lot of coloured marker pens
First design that inspired you Memphis group, especially Shiro Kuramata

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