Ippolito Fleitz Group creates a workplace for an ad agency with daring design credentials

FRANKFURT – The motto of Korean advertising group Innocean is ‘discover beyond’ and this spirit of adventure flows throughout its Frankfurt base. The firm’s European headquarters had to serve as a calling card for the agency’s design credentials and inspire its own creatives to greater heights. The resulting interior is as crisp as it is cool, neatly balancing the need for collaborative and individual thinkers to fulfil their creative mojo.

The impression of a creative playground is established immediately in the reception area, where a wooden see-saw and a set of swings await visitors beneath a swathe of spherical white pendants. Inside the workplace itself, creative employees are encouraged to go wild, for instance in the InnoLab – a transparent think-tank emblazoned with the company motto, where AstroTurf has been laid to promote blue-sky thinking.

However, for every crazy or collaborative space, there’s a calmer counterpart for individual contemplation or an important client meeting. The office interior’s colour scheme is restricted to a strictly monochrome palette of white, grey and black to keep employees focused on the serious side of advertising. The only flashes of colour are bright but dazzling, glimpsed in Innocean’s signature hue in the cushions of futuristic egg-like seats, or the lime-green interior of a monolithic seating unit that rises all the way to the ceiling.

Photos Robert Hoenig.



This project can be found in
The Other Office 2. Any designers out there who have realised any great workplace stands recently which could be considered for the next edition in this inspiring book series, please get in touch: books@frameweb.com 


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