Istanbul Twilight

Felt is cut into long strips and then coiled by hand into circles, like a snake, to form the candleholders.

Siba Sahabi is known for transforming flat materials like paper into ceramic-inspired objects.

The German-Iranian designer latest work is now on display at Gallery Sofie Lachaert in Tielrode, Belgium. Through the simple acts of cutting, rolling and gluing, she builds three dimensions from two.

In her latest projects, the designer used felt to create Istanbul Twilight, a series of seven candleholders dedicated to the metropolis connecting Europe and the Middle East. The shape of the objects are directly inspired by the silhouette of Istanbul, while the colour palette reflects the changing shades of the city at dusk and dawn.

Sahabi chose felt simply because it doesn’t catch fire. The material also adds yet another layer of three dimensionality to the work.

Istanbul Twilight
is part of the Mirrors and Candles exhibition, which runs until 8 April.

Photos courtesy Rene Mesman.

Gallery Sofie Lachaert
Sint-Jozefstraat 30
Tielrode, 9140

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