Design by delivery, for delivery: why Daylab ordered iTafe Up’s aesthetic from

Yiwu – After a successful dine-in concept designed by Daylab, iTafe – sellers of tea, coffee and bread – asked the studio to give shape to two iTafe Up locations that service takeaways and deliveries. Both in China and both within shopping malls, the projects reference the influence of online shopping on consumption habits.

At the outpost in Yiwu’s Wuyue Plaza, an interactive QR code is incorporated into a mobile installation that can be placed not only anywhere in the store but also anywhere in the surrounding shopping mall – or even out in the community.

Daylab’s design is essentially an assemblage of components ordered from, the world’s biggest e-commerce website. The solution, say the designers, achieves both cost and quality control. A radiator accessory for large electronic components forms the aluminium-grille façade, which also happens to reflect the brand’s logo in cross section. Other industrial mechanical parts were reconstructed to create sections of the QR code installation, displays and public seating. The incorporation of public seating harks to the original iTafe store – also in Yiwu – which opens up to its environs as a form of urban public space.

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