Jānis Avotiņš Exhibition

The paintings are based on old photographs from the Soviet era.

Latvian Jānis Avotiņš's mysterious monochromatic paintings reinterpret the history and collective cultural memory of the Soviet era.

A new series of Avotiņš's paintings will soon be exhibited at Ibid Projects in London. The artist chooses official photos from the Soviet archives as subjects before eliminating the original contextual backgrounds.

The resulting portraits are abstracted from their historical narratives. In the almost monochromatic scenes, faces hover in a dissolving, mysterious atmosphere. The series questions the role of such archetypes from the Soviet collective memory.

Ibid Projects in London will host Jānis Avotiņš's solo show ofrom 26 January until 10 March.

Images courtesy of Ibid Projects.

Billboard: Dezeen Jobs
Billboard: Dezeen Jobs

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