Java Café by Studio Raanan Stern

Urban and beach life are a central part of the identity of the city and its locals.

A dynamic atmosphere and nightlife scene have secured Tel Aviv the reputation as a city that never sleeps. Inspired by the area’s urbanity and coastal scenery, Studio Raanan Stern designed a café that merges these two elements.

Coffee and fresh food are served at Java by day, and by night the establishment evolves into a hip young wine bar. The interior palette references salty sea and sandy beaches – muted colours meet pinewood panels in various finishes – while the building itself is reminiscent of a beach hut. The addition of green to the exterior clearly defines the café from its surroundings, inviting passers-by to experience a touch of the coast in an urban environment.

Smaller interior elements such as furniture and serving dishes – also designed by the studio, and all made from durable materials that will withstand sun exposure – add a pop of colour in places. One example is a series of wooden serving plates designed in collaboration with Dor Tal and Ofer Berman.
Photos Gidon Levin of 181 degrees
Designers: Raanan Stern and Shany Tal

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