A Danish designer anoints a modern-day monastery devoted to the science of cycling

Lynge, Denmark – The client asked that this 1,650-sq-m bicycle showroom be built as a Nordic hub for cycling. The project also includes ancillary spaces for staff and other facilities. The goal was to create a futuristic retail experience, a showroom that surpasses the traditional functions of retail and inspires people to dream. In short, the idea was to create the modern monastery for the science of cycling. Hence, all the functions of the facility may be transferred to those of a monastery - the product gallery is the library, the showroom is the chapel and the workshop is the forge.

Visually, however, the interiors were modelled on the detailed engineering of a carbon fibre bicycle and feature materials such as raw and black steel, ultra-clear and reflective glass, aluminium, linoleum and back-lighting. Some thresholds and certain walls were made in oak and have a more organic feel. Thus, through materials, the space celebrates cycling's contradictions – science and nature, man and machine, engineering and emotion. Torpe's team achieved this by juxtaposing visual elements that communicate these dualities.

Top: The interiors' sleek materials - raw and black steel, concrete, ultra-clear and reflecting glass, aluminium, linoleum - constrast with natural wood. | Middle: The showroom floor has a futuristic, Tron-like quality with its backlit, gridded Barrisol ceiling, which conveys a sense of both nature and engineering, the emotion connected with riding and the rationality of the sport's technical aspects. | Bottom: Displaus were all purpose-built and offer a variety of ways to showcase the bikes and accessories while also keeping the retail floor clear and easy to navigate.

Then, keeping the showroom floor uncluttered and sightlines clear, they floated the bikes in various ways throughout the space, displaying them inside geometric frames, in wall niches, from the ceiling, against walls – anywhere but on the floor.


This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.

Location: Vassingerødvej 147, 3540 Lynge, Denmark

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