Jugetsudo Kabuki-za by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma’s Jugetsudo teashop and café is located in Ginza.

Kengo Kuma’s new teashop and café for Jugetsudo is located in Ginza above Tokyo’s Kabuki Theatre, one of the most prestigious cultural spots in Japan.

To connect the space with traditional Japanese culture, Kengo Kuma and Associates covered the interior with as many as 3000 bamboo lengths, which stretch from floor to ceiling. Visitors get a hint of what it feels like to stroll through a real bamboo grove, where towers of hollow stems provide a comfortable enclosure.

‘We wanted to wrap the space with an infinite number of bent bamboos,’ explains project architect Masaru Shuku. ‘Fusing the refined quality of the bamboo with a typical Japanese pitched roof provides a dynamic result.’ For accuracy – and to speed up the construction process – the bamboo pieces were all assembled in a factory and divided into pitches of 15 mm and 60 mm. Hung from the ceiling, they partition the café while still offering views across the space and into the adjacent Japanese garden.


Photos courtesy of KKAA

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