Julie Gasiglia's product design illuminates with the form of a silhouette

Inspiration for the Lýsa lamp came from the wild open spaces of Iceland, where cosy interior life is part of local culture.

Since living in Iceland, French designer Julie Gasiglia has been inspired by her surroundings to craft the Lýsa lamp, with its clean lines and minimalistic form.

Taking a two-dimensional outline and transforming it into a contemporary product, the lamp is made of natural wood and combines technology with tactile aesthetics. Allowing the user to play with different atmospheres, the illumination can be adjusted with a simple gesture thanks to the embedded electronics.

'The lamp was inspired by the wild open spaces of Iceland, where the cosy interior life is part of local culture,' comments the designer. 'Whilst working on LEDs, I was seduced by the quality of light that could be produced and the desire to create a fun but functional product which would integrate this technology was born. In the design of Lýsa, we got rid of the unnecessary to keep only the essential, inspired by Scandinavian culture.'

A collaboration between lighting engineers and designers has ensured the industrial viability of the lamp, which was first introduced to an international audience during an exhibition at Epal during DesignMarch in Reykjavik earlier this year. Gasiglia and the Lýsa team of five professionals has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to further develop this new product.

Photos courtesy of the designer.


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