Kafé Nordic by Nordic Bros

Seoul-based Kafé Nordic packs-in a smorgasbord of iconic designs.

Bringing a soft touch of Swedish style to the up-and-coming Itaewon district, Kafé Nordic follows an ‘aesthetic of inconvenience’ all its own. Though embedded in a tiny basement, the Seoul-based bistro packs-in an eclectic mix of iconic designs – furniture produced by Emeco, Flototto and Hay. Mutina Azulej tiles – 27 patterns designed by Patricia Urquiola – cover walls and trim classic woodflooring.

Kafé Nordic’s yellow-framed exterior – harking back to mother Scandinavia – breads new life into the residential surroundings. Inside, Nordic Bros’ humour-inspired scheme vies for a smaller but strong design – evident in a smorgasbord of shapes and colours. Next to recognizable tables and chairs, an open kitchen integrates hidden storage solutions. Cohesion is achieve through a subtle but present colour palette.

Photos by Yong-Hwan Shin

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